rainy days create couch potatoes

uhh… we slept in until 3:30 this afternoon. part of the reason we did that is because adam was up until 5AM playing spiderman and i was in and out of sleep on the couch until that time. he left to go get his tattoo worked on and i was going to surprise him in his exciting needle-filled afternoon with baskin robbins ice cream but right when i got to baskin robbins, he called to tell me he wasn’t going to be able to get it done. we settled for mcdonald’s and a quick trip to barnes and noble and here we are back at the apartment in sweats and socks on the couch planted in front of the TV… most likely for the rest of the night.

adam also found a new use for my empty bottles of bawls–dip spit. i was contemplating on filling them with highlighter and putting them underneath my black light so i could say that i have glowing bawls but i guess he’s going to steal all of them.

dad, we’re going to try that flea powder idea. next time i go out i’m going to pick some up and put it around the apartment. adam said to tell you that he isn’t sure how good our “poofing skills” are… but we’ll try to “poof” the apartment as best as we can.