car wreck.......bam!!!!

my neighbor hit my car yesterday and although i am fine, my car is not. the bumper and rear panel are all jacked up so i have to get quite a few parts replaced. after going to the saturn place down the street this afternoon, i got an estimate and this should be super fun to get fixed up. the guy at saturn said it’ll take 4-5 days in the shop to fix up, but meanwhile, it’s still driveable so all i have to do is get the insurance portion of everything figured out. the guy who hit me hasn’t contacted me at all about fixing his car. his damage wasn’t as bad as mine, and he was also driving a beat up buick so i’m not sure if he’ll even come to me about it. it’d be nice if he didn’t. it’s annoying enough working on my own car in a brand new town. the cop was nice and didn’t give me a ticket and the guy at saturn fixed my tire valve (it was leaking air) for free so i supposed i walked away from this situation pretty easily. it could’ve been a lot worse.

the worse part is, adam blew out his knee today. he had a PT test yesterday and passed it with flying colors but his 12 mile road march took a different direction. i feel bad ’cause if something screws up physically, it’s the army, and it’s all really demanding of that kind of activity. especially since he’s airborne and it’s his knee we’re talking about. :sad: he said he’ll probably have to have surgery sometime. since i’ve never broken anything but an arm and have never had any other injuries (knock on wood, i’m fortunate) i have no idea about the details of what he’s supposed to do in this situation. i’m just trying to be not as clumsy so i don’t hurt it anymore than it already is.

we bought a TV from the pawn shop. i shouldn’t say we but adam bought it for our apartment. it’s a 27″ flatscreen panasonic and it’s pretty awesome. it’s a lot bigger than the one i had but i think we’re going to put that one upstairs or something. i’m going to try to figure out a way to get a cable up there using a splitter and maybe a super long extended coaxial cable. i’m not even sure if i can find one long enough.

adam taught me how to make a few things tonight. it was pasta with veggies and chicken. sadly, i’d never cooked raw chicken until tonight. he taught me what to cut off and how to get rid of all the nasty stuff. i chopped all the peppers and he chopped the onions, broccoli, and string beans. then we mushed it all together in a frying pan that needed to be about 3x bigger (the kitchen was covered in veggies and it looked like we had a food fight in there) and he seasoned it with what seemed like the entire cabinet of seasonings and half a container of garlic and teriyaki sauce. SO good though… never have i been willing to eat cooked veggies besides green beans and peas but damn it was good. mom, dad, you’d be proud. i’m growing up!! i didn’t even use ketchup OR ranch dressing!!!!! CALL THE NEWSPAPERS!

we watched the new world tonight.. that’s the pocahontas movie with colin farrel. it was super long but a great movie and it made me want to frolick outside but since there are tonka toys and big wheels at our back porch and i don’t know the neighbors yet, i’m a bit scared to start rolling in the grass.

i think the movie got into adam and he’s playing GUN, ps2 game he rented, and riding around on a horse shooting “injuns” as he keeps calling them. and now, he’s about to go skin himself a buffalo. this apartment keeps getting more and more exciting!

by the way, there are weird people at fayetteville wal-mart at 11:00 at night. i found that out last night after adam got home from getting his tattoo. he forgot to get tattoo goo and had to be at work by 2AM so i offered to go get it. i went to get it, and drove his truck, and i’ll be damned if a girl my size doesn’t get the weirdest looks in the world driving a vehicle that huge. anyway, there are some oddballs in that joint and i don’t believe i’ll be going there alone a whole heck of a lot.