finally, a job!

sooo i’m officially a member of the chili’s crew. i know you’re all jealous. i needed SOMETHING so i figure this should be some quick money. not to mention it’s one of my favorite restaurants and i plan on bringing home doggie bags of nachos and buffalo chicken sandwiches on a weekly basis. :heart: …i’m stoked. i start monday and i get to wear jeans (YES!) and a black shirt and “non slip” shoes. if you know me, you know those don’t exist. i’ll find a way to slip… even if they have suction cups on the bottom.

i watched a marathon of hogan knows best while waiting for adam to get home this afternoon. we went to wal-mart and did some grocery shopping since when we went last time we didn’t get many things to actually cook so we’re good for a while now. we finally got a little bit of junk food in here and we got candy today, how exciting! white chocolate crunch bars are the shit.

adam and i watched the dark tonight. it’s a little weird, irritating when it goes back and forth so much, but overall i liked it. adam kept making a claw and grabbing my side trying to scare the piss out of me throughout the movie. it worked one time and it made my heart stop. so the rest of the movie i spent retaliating and trying very hard to keep up with the plot but when you have the claw of death reaching over you and you can see it out the corner of your eye every 2 seconds, it’s hard. plus i couldn’t move because let’s face it, he’s stronger than me and one of his hands can hold both my arms at once. he’s a little shit and sometimes i wish i could kick the crap out of him. now that he’s a gimp it would be unfair but when he’s healed ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE AND HE’S GOING DOWN.

i get to go to the police department tomorrow… doesn’t that sound fun?! i have to get a copy of the police report and then fax that and the estimate from saturn to my lawyer. i wish this wasn’t such a drawn out process and they’d just be like “here’s your money, go fix your car!” and then i’d say “thank you!” and then i’d be on my way. my car looks retarded.