adam and i just got home from the animal shelter and we adopted an 8 week old rottweiler mix. the guy that works there didn’t know what else the puppy was mixed with but it’s freaking adorable. i pretty much fell in love with it. it was either that one, the husky mix, or the cocker spaniel mix. all 3 of them were unbelievably cute and although my eye got itchy and i couldn’t breathe i couldn’t be happier with our decision. this one is the one the guy recommended out of the 3 and he was playing with me and licking my hand and pawing at me and i about cried (partly due to allergies) it was so little and fluffy. I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT! it’s hard to tell because i can hardly talk due to inhaling so much dog fur and such but i’m still excited. looks like i’m going to start taking that allergy medicine my dad gave me so much of.

i didn’t get much sleep the night before. we went to bed around 1AM and he left for work at 5:30. i slept a little while after that but the neighbors yelling and making ruckus made that difficult. we have some weird ones around here. adam came home yesterday morning because he got about 30-45 minutes for breakfast so we had cheerios and cinnamon buns. i forgot how good those things were. i think i watched law and order most of the day inbetween running errands.

adam called to tell me he was going to be put on 24 hr duty on top of working all afternoon so i made him a lunch (ham/salami/cheese sandwich, potato chips, carrots, string cheese, nutter butter bites, and fruit punch… freaked me out because it reminded me of my mom a whoooole lot) and brought him his book and drawing pads. i finally found the police department so i could get a copy of the police report from the accident. it took a while to finally get it and in the midst of my exciting police adventure, i was surrounded by a large black woman, a cop who looked like a meth head with his teeth all weird, and the owner of a mental institution that was holding the woman’s son in custody. it was a big mess, i guess, but the woman was about to lose her mind. she kept writing everything down that she saw written on the walls and i wondered if maybe she should join her son in the home but i figured it was in my best interest not to suggest that to her. i got the report and left. they didn’t have a fax machine and i had no money on me so i went home and when i sat down to read the report (should’ve read it before i left) i saw that the cop wrote down that i was moving while the other guy hit me. i stopped before he hit me because i saw him coming but apparently the cop didn’t catch onto that the 4th time i told him while we were standing in the parking lot monday night. that irritated me. so i’ll see what happens. i’m going to call the lawyer after i get a chance to fax the papers to him. after that happened, i got a call from adam saying the car place he bought his truck from needed another copy of the lease so since he couldn’t leave, i had to go back to base and get the lease, and then go back across town to the car place to give it to them to make a copy. that place is not very organized and everytime we’ve been there we’ve had to wait longer than i ever had to wait when my dad and i got my saturn.

i came home and planted myself on the couch the rest of the night watching law and order. i missed the verdict on the last episode and that pissed me off so i turned off the tv and went to bed. i don’t even remember changing or getting ready for bed because i was so out of it. i just remember adam coming home at 9am and falling into bed and then snoring until 2.

since i got out of bed at 2 i couldn’t really bring him breakfast in bed so i improvised and made him lunch in bed. i made a digiorno’s pizza (i lit a bunch of paper towels on fire in the process. don’t ask how. it won’t make sense) and brought it to him with some orange juice and non-burnt paper towels.

i forgot how much i :heart: digiorno. i am posting pictures of the puppy as soon as we go pick him up on monday!!!