we got the puppy today and she is absolutely a bundle of fur, joy, and lots of piss. i have never seen a dog that goes to the bathroom this much. she is 2 pounds and 8 weeks old, half rottweiler, half unknown. she’s napping now because ever since adam and i got back from dinner she’s been running around chewing on shoelaces and letting us beat her up. pictures are here.

today was a rather eventful day. i had my orientation at chili’s this morning for an hour and a half. it was me, a girl whose name i couldn’t spell if i tried 80 times, and a kid named michael. i managed to trip and fall and hurt my knee and my finger… surprise, surprise. we watched super fun introductory videos and filled out tons of paperwork. gotta love those first days. i was a bum until adam came home and we went to pick up the puppy from the vet. we introduced her to her new home, let her christen it a few times (even on the carpet!), and headed to blockbuster and to get chinese for dinner. the highlight of dinner was mashed up fortune cookies mixed with mint chocolate chip ice cream. that definitely needs to become tradition.

adam’s got his shit spread out all over the living room trying to do his packing list, i’m making sure the dog doesn’t crap on anything important or chew on wires and kill itself, and in the midst of it all we’re watching some weird zombie movie that is a little bit crappy but entertaining none the less. what could be better than dead people vomiting in other people’s mouths?