day off :)

so i’ve been busting my butt working at chili’s lately. i got stuck with 2 closing shifts in a row after my 2 days of training and today wasn’t so bad except the church crowd was a bit hectic and i get to relax tomorrow. i wish relaxing actually meant relax, though. looks like i’ll be taking the dog to the vet, making a stop at western union, and doing laundry. i can’t complain too much since i won’t be standing up for 8 hours. i think i need to invest in some better shoes for being a hostess. mine are not gonna cut it.

after i got home from work, adam took me out to dinner at the mexican place right near our apartment and to see the da vinci code. freaking awesome movie if you haven’t seen it already. :biggrin: i thoroughly enjoyed it. i also thoroughly enjoyed my buncha crunch except for the fact that adam likes to throw them everywhere which is part of the reason none of my clothes stay clean.

the puppy is getting a lot better at not crapping all over the place. i suppose this morning isn’t a good example of that, though. we fell asleep on the couch after watching team america and dune last night and i woke up stuck inbetween the couch cushions and i leaned over to find a pile of dog crap next to the couch and on my way to the bathroom upstairs i nearly stepped in one right at the top of the stairwell. aside from today, she’s done surprisingly well. and she has successfully chewed my flip flops. and she also knocks over adam’s dip bottles (as if i don’t knock them over enough on my own) and rummages through my closet. umm, she’s basically a turd. but she’s cute and it’s hard to not want to hug her until her eyeballs pop out.

does anyone want to put money towards the “buy whitney’s billy club” fund raiser?