so… i hate school. i thought the purpose if highschool was to get rid of the bullshit history, english, art, and all those kinds of classes. college should be for learning about what you wanna do when you get older. i have art, history, ethnic american lit., econ., and accounting. the only 2 that do me any good whatsoever are econ. and accounting. i know they’re to “broaden your horizons” and all that stuff but my horizons will broaden as i get older and i am sick of having 11 novels shoved down my throat in 2 months. in conclusion, i am dropping ethnic american literature tomorrow. it’s making me lose my mind. 5 books that have absolutely no value to me whatsoever and have taught me nothing are not what i need right now. i’ve got a big enough workload as it is.

i have my accounting exam at 6 and i’m using my time wisely at work making yet another study guide… sooo exciting. i think i’m gonna kill this test tonight. THEN, i’m making my way to wal-mart again and buying BROWN hair dye so i can fix this mess i made last night. my hair looks like mangos. :angry: