Happy Halloween :)

this weekend was a blast. i went and hung out at highlands for a while on friday night. james cooked deer for me and a friend of his and we watched tv and sat around for a while. grainger came up later and we ate junk food and watched movies and aqua teen and passed out.

saturday was homecoming game day so after i cooked us breakfast, we walked over to the lot near cafe portofino to tailgate with the appaholics. :wink: it was a blast and walking to the game drunk was an adventure, too. there were so many people crammed in that stadium and i was squished most of the time but it was still fun and, of course, we won!! chatanooga went doowwwwn! grainger and i left a little early and went and ate at dos amigos because that’s just how we do… i think we eat mexican more than anyone else in the world. that’s where my paychecks go for the most part. i think they should let me be a waitress there. that’d be nice.

we drove back to winston and i bought more orange hair dye so i could re-color my hair. i wanted it to be as bright as possible for thomas’s party. his mom helped me fix it up and i got my outfit on and was all ready to party and then grainger decided he wanted to find a costume at the wal-mart on the way to king so i had to go in wal-mart all pebbles like and it was very awkward. then i saw a girl dressed as a fairy so i didn’t feel quite as bad.

we finally got to thomas’s at about 10:30 and the rest of the night was amazing. EVERYONE was there, except like scott and shane and john but that’s because scott was at his house and the others are out of the country. i missed everyone so damn much and it was great being with everyone again like a big happy family. there were a lot of new faces too which was fun. i took a bunch of pictures but i dropped my camera (what else is new) and lost the batteries in the yard in the dark so i finally got replacement ones about an hour later. luckily, this time i wasn’t the only one taking pictures so i’m gonna get everyone else’s pics too and put them all up at the same time. so be patient. they’re coming.