Stupid Bastards

to whoever/whatever calls me every night from a “withheld” phone number: stop calling me every night late at night. it’s really annoying. i pick up the phone, and then you hang up. if you’re a telemarketer, TAKE ME OFF YOUR EFFIN’ LIST. goodness, i hate it.

on a lighter note, i found my appcard. i’m having unusually bad luck with mine lately. i lost it 2 weeks ago, and finally went last week to get a new one. that night i went to the market to get groceries and i dropped it outside trivette. i got it back. ya know how? the odds of this happening are unreal. some girl found it laying on the ground. this girl just so happens to live in the same apartment complex as ry~ry (there are about 8 billion apartment complexes in boone), same BUILDING (out of the shitton there are up on that hill), and is friends with her. out of everyone at the market that night, it was some girl living off campus and it was my best friend’s neighbor. i got my card back the next day. so odd. then i was drunk at the football game last weekend and couldn’t find my card when i got back sunday. i just found it under my books and stuff while cleaning my apartment. woohooo for a spot of good luck tonight!

i’m not sure how i did on my accounting exam. i did well on the multiple choice i think. there were 3 that i absolutely guessed on but that’s out of 50. i think i did alright on the first problem. i’m pretty sure i royally screwed up the second one. i think i’m safe, though.

my accounting class is cancelled tomorrow, art is cancelled friday and monday, and i’m dropping my lit. class friday morning. i started on my art project (it’s gonna be a mosaic of a roy lichtenstein piece) and the paper will be a piece of cake. my history paper got switched up a bit so now we have a choice of writing about on the road or rasta heart and i’m pretty sure i’ll be writing about rasta heart. i enjoy the reading much more and it’ll be more fun to write about. and… it’s not due until december. yaaayyyy!

today wasn’t all that great, but things are starting to come together now. and i also decided not to dye my hair again. the retarded orange color mess is starting to grow on me… hrm. either that or the brightness is starting to blind me.

and thank you, james, for dos amigos! i hope you have a safe trip to florida.

i’m gonna go watch shrek 2 some more. goodnight.