sorry for the lack of updates. i definitely have been slacking but i’ve been having oh so much fun to make up for it! halloween pictures are coming, i swear. i’m waiting on byrd to give me his so i can mash them all together and put them up at once. he takes forever, though.

thursday night was beer pong and card games at the guys’ apartment and i only had 3 shots and a beer and was in poooor poor form the next day. god, that sucked. that was by far one of the worst hangovers i have ever had. comes to a close second from after the 4th of july party a year and a half ago. yikes… :wassat:

i went home saturday afternoon and met up with grainger. we ate mexican (wow what a surprise!) and then his dad and stepmom got us buffalo wings from ronni’s so of course we had to eat those too so we hung out at his dad’s for a while. we made our traditional trip to wal-mart and bought ourselves badass seatcovers. his vibrates and mine are fuzzy and black. i like them. :cool:

since it was saturday night, i had no choice but to go with ryan to the n club in greensboro and relive my amazing summer memories with him and lee and yenz and everyone else who we partied with. i drove to greensboro to their buddy’s apartment and we did some pre-drinking (mom, we had a DD, no worries) and and danced ’til the wee hours and it was a blast. i met a hottie in the process and made some new friends and saw lots of old ones, too. i miss the hell out of that place, and arizona pete’s, and my buddies! it was great being able to go back there finally. i got home around 3:30 and passed out when my head hit the pillow. such a nice feeling.

thank you, mom, for the homemade macaroni. i’m gonna make some again one of these days. i got a bit homesick when i left. it scares me when that happens… i never thought i’d see the day!

my new seat covers motivated me to get my mom to help me get the sticker crap off my car and the paint from where someone hit me. and then i even got up the motivation to count change so i could go through the drive through car wash. i’m such a lazyass but i had just showered and gotten my stuff packed up and did not feel like washing it myself.

so jill and i took a trip to the car wash in yadkinville and it was so exciting we decided to take movies. they’re huge movies and are not that exciting and you probably will think they’re dumb unless you’re jill or me because we had fun taking them. easily amused is the way to be.

i helped jill unpack all her stuff when we got back to boone and made my way to my apartment to unload all my nice clean laundry. i was panicking when i turned my laptop on though because for the past few days it had been overheating and i ran out of compressed air to clean it out with so i made an emergency trip (i even left my apartment a mess with unpacked crap flung everywhere) to kensington to steal rob and leander’s compressed air and we did some serious cleaning of my poor baby. there was so much crap clogged in there that the fan had got stuck and wasn’t spinning so it would overheat and burn the shit out of anything it touched. thank you rob and kat for your help, because i don’t think i could make it without my laptop. that is so, so sad.

it’s 1:30 in the morning and i need to get some sleep. i seem to have been preoccupied the past hour talking to someone and i reeeally should be in bed now. i have to get up early to go to the dean’s office and drop my stupid lit. class. it’s about damn time. g’night guys.