Grilled Ham & Cheese :)

i don’t know if this is just me or if it happens to other people. there are some things that i can’t eat anymore just because i ate them when i was sick some other time and the taste just makes me want to puke it back up. i tried to make steak & potato & cheese soup tonight to eat with my sandwich and it definitely backfired. i almost choked on it after i microwaved it because it reminded me of last winter when i got so, SO sick and that’s what i would eat to make my throat feel better…. yuck. shivers i quickly reverted to fruit salad, a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, a pudding snack pack, and chocolate milk for dinner. :smile: turned out pretty damn good, too. ha! i have the worst craving in the world for my mom & grandma’s stuffed peppers, though.

my apartment has become messy over the past day and a half. since yesterday, i’ve been on a homework binge and been trying to get everything done super early so it doesn’t pine away at me and make me lose my mind. i don’t deal with stress well so the faster i get it done, the better off i will be. tonight i’ve been going back and forth between my literature paper (i got a thesis and my first paragraph done, yes!) and my art project. it’s a mosaic of roy lichtenstein’s “in the car” piece and we had to use torn up magazine paper to make the mosaic. well… i just went to town on the magazines and tore a billion little pieces up and my floor has them scattered everywhere. i’ve been wearing socks and i have them stuck to my socks and now they’re trailed around this place and it’s going to drive me nuts trying to vacuum it.

i think my jaw is screwed up for the rest of my life. i’ve woken up 3 times (over a period of a few months) where it was stuck shut and i had to push it inwards with my hand and pop it back so i could open my mouth. it pops when i talk, yawn, chew (every single time i chew my damn food), and it has gotten to the point where it HURTS a lot of those times. :sad: my jaw is screwed, hips pop out, joints all pop, i’m gonna fall apart when i’m 30. i don’t understand this. i drink my milk!!!! and i eat my vegetables!!!

i’m gonna go write my stupid outline and glue more of my mosaic together… i wanna go out and play so bad, but that doesn’t look like it’s happening for a while.