Traveling Makes Me Twitch...!!!

as much fun and excitement as i’m having being up north with adam and his friends and scattered family members, it sure as heck takes a lot out of a person running around like this. i think he and i are both wearing thin and need to just do nothing for a while. unfortunately, neither of us get to do so as classes start back up in a week and he has to go to some classes when he gets back to base. going from one extreme to the other… booo!

i’d rather just stay here and play in the snow. there is a TON of snow. we got to connecticut this morning around 10:30. we were originally supposed to drive here last night after we went to see sweeney todd (FREAKING GREAT MOVIE) but we got snowed in at his friend RJ’s house. so adam and i and rj and his girlfriend vanessa hung out and ate junk food and watched tenacious d before calling it a night. i have a feeling there will be some sledding shenanigans going on later before the new years’ celebrations begin… yikes.

i just spent 2 hours in the shower trying to relax and just breathe and not think about ANYTHING. i think i conditioned my hair 12 times and i have about 6 layers of lotion on my skin. i also shaved using this smelly shaving cream for the first time in probably 10 years. and my face should FEEL like a baby’s bottom considering all the moisturizer and exfoliating things i just used. i feel a hundred times better… i just wish my face would quit breaking out again. i swear, i can’t do anything without getting nerved up and making my hormones get out of whack. sometimes it really bites being a girl.

i think i’m going to relocate to the couch and be a bum for a few hours.