Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, & All That Jazz

i hope everyone is having a very merry christmas. adam and i were awoken by the sound of his little brother ripping into his christmas stocking. the rest of the day has been spent eating donuts, doritos, pears, and egg/crab/asparagus casserole, and vegging out in the family room playing video games.

i skyped my parents (MERRY CHRISTMAS, again) and it feels really weird not being at home today. i hate how traditions change and people grow up but adam and i celebrated christmas with my parents a few days early so we could start our traveling and get enough time to head up to cape cod after spending a couple days here in virginia. i’m glad my parents are with their parents. it makes me feel better about not being there.

last night was spectacular. first of all, the sunset was incredible. second of all, the dinner was incredible. we had moose sausage, blackened salmon, mashed taters, brie & crackers, olives, salad, and a tad too much wine. i was quite toasty by the time adam, his uncle, and i started making truffles after dinner. if you’ve never made truffles, it’s pretty much awesome. i don’t know adam’s grandma made the chocolate but you roll the chocolate into balls and cover them in cocoa or sugar and sprinkles until they look absolutely delicious. i didn’t realize i’d picked the messiest chocolate whereas chris and adam barely got their hands dirty. the pictures speak for themselves.

we watched “a christmas story” on TV (since it plays for 24 hours straight, it’s impossible to miss) and went to bed so santa could come. i’m 21 and obviously know better that santa is not real anymore but it’s still fun to pretend. it’s a lot easier with a 4 year old running outside looking for rudolph every hour on the hour. :wink:

MERRY CHRISTMAS! i’m getting back to my doritos.