Home Sweet Home

i found out that classes don’t start until the 14th, and after thinking they started today, that was quite a nice surprise. so now… i have 7 days of nothing planned and nothing to do. absolutely…nothing… i got my car from boone yesterday but no one is really around to play with. this bites. it has, however, been nice being a bum and watching TV every night until i fall asleep.

laura informed me that she’s going back to boone tomorrow, so maybe i’ll go back earlier than i planned. i just dreaded going back to an empty apartment so i’ve been staying at my mom’s enjoying her company and the animals. i also spent the day with jill the other day and did some running around with matt and collin and leah. to think, i’ve been running around with them since middle school. i sure as hell hope that never changes.

i haven’t posted since new year’s eve so let me just sum that evening up by saying it was absolutely nuts. first of all–i wore my favorite zebra-print silky dress with tights (adam found them for me and insisted i buy the “micro fiber” kind) and the etnies adam bought me for our anniversary and the fluffy hat from london. i looked SO cute. i don’t dress up often so i was pumped to go out and because i was so excited, i serenaded adam with garth brooks all the way to south hadley.

once we got out and about, i punched a guy for making lewd comments towards me, adam got kicked out of the bar because he almost got in a fight with him, and due to the fact that i was very pissed after all that went down, i drank a couple too many whiskey sours. we went to our friend jen’s house after bar hopping for entirely too long and that just got ugly. champagne covered every surface in the kitchen thanks to someone not skilled in cork-popping, wrestling in the snow, and there was also lots of breaking things… it was chaos. i was drunk and tired. i just wanted to go home. being out of my comfort zone in a place that hectic was not sitting well with my drunkenness and my nerves… panic attack began to set in. finally, RJ was sober and drove us home, and adam and i passed out cold on the “nest” they had made for us in the living room. needless to say, i had a nice hangover the next morning.

adam had to be back on base by the 2nd so that meant we had to drive the 13 hours home that day… hungover. we started off the day with some soup at adam’s favorite chinese restaurant and a lot of water. we were on the road by noon. i slept the first 4-hour leg of the drive. thank god. we made it home around 2:30 AM only to find out his class had been pushed back a day, so we had 2 days to recooperate from the hellacious drive and do absolutely nothing but bum around in sweatpants and hoodies and watch TV. it was awesome.

so that brings me back to the fact that i’ve been at home for the last 4 days. my mom and i drove to boone and blowing rock yesterday, did some shopping, ate at dos amigos (best mexican restaurant in the world), cleaned the hell out of my apartment, and got my car. i spent 4 hours plopped in front of the TV when we got back and went to sleep happy after one of the sweetest phone calls i’ve gotten from that boy in a while. :smile:

now… i just have to decide when i want to muster up the energy to pack and go to boone. i don’t think it’ll be today considering jill just suggested booze and finger painting. god help us.

OH, also, there is still a ton of video from london, virginia, cape cod, new years, etc. i just have to figure out how to get it into a workable format like AVI or MPEG. right now, the footage is all in .VOB and .IFO files. if anyone has any suggestions or could send me a converter, please do. i will be eternally grateful because some a lot of this is youtube worthy!! i found converters online but they are awful quality and they are all trials and i spent at least an hour scrounging the internet for cracks. no dice. HALP!