Post-Christmas Goodies!

i ordered myself a late christmas present while adam and i were in massachusetts because i couldn’t resist. this came in the mail today and i am SO excited to wear it! it will look awesome with the new jeans my mom bought me (i dropped over 2 pant sizes since november… :grin: ) and i can’t wait. i can wear my new shirt and adam can wear the wes welker jersey i bought him for christmas that FINALLY came in the mail. together, we can bring sexy back.

i also ordered my mom this calendar from Ree for 2 reasons… one was because i am hooked on her website and have gotten my mom into reading it. her photography and lifestyle and down and dirty style of writing inspire me. she holds nothing back. the other reason was because my mom was griping about how no one bought her a calendar for christmas this year. never again will i forget to buy my mother a calendar.

finally, i forgot to show off some of the things adam bought me for christmas. while we were in london, he bought me the most awesome purse that i fell in love with immediately. how could i not? it has pirates and all kinds of creepy things all over it. like one-eyed starfish, for instance. i found it in chinatown at one of the coolest stores i’ve ever been in, and he said he wanted to buy it for me. he also bought this little zipper bag that goes inside of it but i forgot to take a picture of it. it is dirty because it has make-up on it so maybe after i wash it, i will snap a quick one.

last, but not least, these are the speakers and sub he bought me. this was my “big gift” even though i protested when i found out he had gone to best buy and spent a good amount of money on me. the trip to london and spending the holidays with him were more than i could’ve ever asked for, but he insisted. they sound incredible and they are SO WEIRD LOOKING! i love them.

did i mention he spoils the hell out of me? good lord, i can’t wait to see him.

i need to eat… chocolate chip cookies are making the girl spill out of me at full speed.