"Back to School, Back to School...to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool."

i am not ready for this. classes should be fun and actually interesting this semester… i think the part that i’m not ready for is actually waking up at a reasonable hour. over the break, adam and i made it a point to never get up before noon. sometimes not before 4 PM. :wink: i’m excited that we have a 3-day weekend next weekend. :grin: and i get to see my baby again! woo!

on a side note, THE PATRIOTS WON LAST NIGHT! and i don’t know where we were after we watched the game, but i think at least half of the ASU football team was at the party that jill took me to. i haven’t been to a party like that (crowded, lots of crazy people, DJ in the basement, black lights all around, huddling around a beer pong table, falling down stairs, etc) in a long time. i’m never drinking franzia again. i only had one cup (it was more like a tiny dixie cup, half of which ended up in my hair when i tripped down the stairs) and 3 beers and i still felt like shit this morning. i’m losing it.

loki and i shared chicken noodle soup this morning and watched pleasantville. my roommate left again and went back home for a wedding so i’ve been all by my lonesome the past 2 days. it…sucks… i came up here later because i figured she’d be here and i hate sitting around an empty apartment. my gears start turning when i have idle time and it brings on anxiety attacks and i’m just now realizing this. i need a new hobby. at least i’m all cozy cuddled up in my new bathrobe. i used part of the gift card adam bought me and went to the mall and got the most comfy bathrobe i could find. it is heavennn!

i’m gonna go find the neighbors and find the new puppy they got and maybe he and loki can have a playdate. and i can get out and do something fun this afternoon.