too much driving

holy hell. i can’t even remember when my day began. my biological clock is totally screwed and i don’t think it’ll go back to normal for a hell of a long time. where do i begin… :crazy:

if i’m thinking correctly, i woke up early this morning because i spent wednesday night at home to take an hour off of my driving time for today (or yesterday, rather). i went and got my hair trimmed/dyed brown and dear god that was horrible. i came back home and washed it since the lady at egohr can’t style worth crap so it was a waste of an extra hour of my morning. i finally left town around 1:40 for jacksonville to go to the marine corps ball and i got to camp lejune around 4:50-5:00ish. perfect timing seeing as how every freaking marine was trying to get out of camp lejune and it made for hellacious traffic. :biggrin: i met grainger at wal-mart and we went back to the barracks so i could get my dress on and attempt to get prettied up… that plan failed miserably seeing as how grainger and his roommate don’t believe in air conditioning and they enjoy cramming 8-9 crazy marines into a room at a time so it was hot as heck in that itty bitty room with me trying to get ready for a BALL. i might as well have been sitting outside in the rain getting ready to go because i was sweating like crazy trying to get ready… bad idea. :angry: i looked like ass but that’s alright. i don’t think grainger really cared and neither did his buddies so we left and had ourselves a good time with ferguson and his date and the rest of the drunken marines at the ball. it was well worth the drive.

the drive back began at 11:44 PM after i filled up the gas tank and chugged 2 AMP drinks and got some peanut butter m&ms to keep me awake. i got back to town around 3 AM… after almost hitting 2 deer crossing the highway, singing every song in the world i could think of to keep myself from getting sleepy, and almost missing the exit for I-40 west in the middle of BFE kenansville, north carolina. i hate that town with a passion. there’s nothing but strawberry farms and a piggly wiggly and having been through it 4 times now, i have the right to say it sucks. :smile:

i’m so tired that it’s starting to make me feel drunk. i really need to go to bed soon.