way too much car time

oh my god, this week made me never want to drive or go anywhere for like the next month. wednesday night i drove to winston. thursday afternoon i drove all over hell and creation before finally making the 3 hour and 10 minute drive to jacksonville for the marine corps ball. grainger and i then drove to the ball, got lost driving on the way back, and i then proceeded to drive home starting at 11:45 that same evening. i was originally going to drive all the way to boone but instead stopped and stayed in winston for the night. i got there around 3 AM and realized i had to go to wal-mart for a few must-have items so i drove to wal-mart and back. the next day i woke up bright and early and drove to wake forest to visit my mom before leaving for boone and then drove back to boone.

i get back to my room and i finish unpacking and daniel calls and asks me to go to charlotte with everyone to mike’s house for dinner. here comes another hour and a half, 2 hour drive. we ate and went to see the movie Saw and after screwing around for about an hour after the movie, we finally headed back to boone, yet another long drive.

i don’t want to go ANYWHERE.

by the way, i was disappointed with Saw. if you’ve seen it and you liked it, that’s wonderful. personally, i think it could’ve been better. the acting wasn’t that great, a lot of it just seemed corny, and usually you’re not supposed to laugh through an entire scary movie but that’s what daniel and brian and i did and it kind of messed things up a bit. a lot of it just seemed kinda goofy to me. i don’t know. it was entertaining and it was twisted/sick/messed up which i did like because those movies are the best kind to watch… however, it wasn’t the scariest movie ever like some people i know had said. “i was alone but i didn’t quite feel like i was by myself [insert huge camera flash from behind a wall here]” if you saw it, you know what i’m talking about. wtf?

time to shower. i don’t want to be a lazy bum today. pictures from the USMC ball are up under events. :biggrin:

someone is a smart cookie outside at the tailgate on duck pond field because they’re blasting AC/DC and ohhh i love it!