long day

i have been awake since 8 AM and i am very, very sleepy. i should go to bed but i can’t make myself do it. why must i be stupid?

i got some homework out of the way this morning, showered, and headed to lunch with ry~ry around 1. we went to trivette to get pasta and pineapple. i had the wickedest craving for pineapple. :biggrin: i used to get it 3x a week for breakfast (pineapple, an ice cold shower, and a bottle of bawls is the best way to get a day going) but i’ve since gotten out of that habit and i needed to get my fix of it. so we sat and talked for probably an hour.

i went to class to take my psychology test and sat at work for a while in raley after that since i had an hour to kill until theatre started. that class definitely put me to sleep. we watched a horrible, horrible movie that had a hypnotizing effect and i wanted to cry. :crazy:

i’m trying to figure out what time i should leave on thursday morning so i can get to jacksonville on time. the marine corps ball is at 6PM and i want to have some leeway incase i get lost at camp lejune… plus i have to change into my godawful dress and all that jazz. i hate dressing up like in fancy stuff. i hate it. but… it’s for grainger and he’s leaving sooner or later and it will be a lot of fun regardless of my being stuck in an uncomfortable dress. :smile: sheesh. i still don’t know what day i’m coming back. i could try to get home by friday morning but that would mean pulling an all nighter before class and i’m not sure if that’s a good idea. but i don’t really want to miss any more class… :satisfied: help!