too late to say "don't get your hopes up"

i got online this morning and checked facebook and i had a message from adam. all it said was, “so what if i told you i was coming home in 2 weeks?” that’s it. what a shithead! i’m sure he knows how much i freaked out after reading that. i’m completely ecstatic. i’m just so nervous that something is going to screw that up because every time he is told some kind of good news, it gets messed up somehow or another. it’s just his/our luck, i suppose. if the dates stay the same, he’ll be leaving iraq on the 3rd and that means he’ll be home for my FLIPPIN’ 21ST BIRTHDAY! i don’t even know what to do with myself. i have so much to do before then like get my tan back and get my hair trimmed and clean the entire apartment. classes start on the 2nd, i think, which blows. but i don’t even care. he’s coming home for 2 weeks. that’s definitely more enticing than class. man, i can’t wait. :blush:

my mom and i went to see CATS tonight in greensboro. it was my 2nd time seeing it. she took me when i was 5 and it was even better than i had remembered. i wish we could go to more broadway/off broadway shows like that. i’m definitely lucky to have gone to as many as i have. definitely.

i also went and saw poison, ratt, & vains of jenna in charlotte sunday night with my boss and a buddy of his. 4th time seeing poison… and it was better than the last 3. i always say that after every concert. one of these days, i’m gonna get the balls to jump past the bouncers and get my ass backstage. i got a ton of pictures and they’re online. as for scandinavia pictures, that’ll still be a while. ugh.

i love you, adam! 2 weeks. i can’t freaking believe it.