5 days until i can drink legally

it’s about damn time. europe was kind of a tease… like, you can drink for 3 weeks but then when you get back to the states you’re gonna have to just bribe your friends to buy it for you again. ha! now i can go to the bar with adam when he’s home. i am SO excited!

i spent the last 2 days at home with the family. i think i’m away from home so much that i forget how relaxing and comforting it is to actually spend time at HOME when i’m in town because i usually run around seeing people whenever i get back to winston. my dad and i went on a bike ride and pigged out on nachos, maia and i went out to a nice steak dinner at sagebrush, my mom and i went to village tavern and shopped and goofed off and ate cake, and christine and i talked and made fun of my dad. it was nice.

last night i went on a cleaning spree. laura went home until classes start so she took the kitties with her… and with less animals to shed around the apartment, i figured it was the perfect time to get to work. my early birthday present was a new vacuum cleaner because the one adam bought for our apartment last summer BROKE. i loved it. we were nearly best friends. now i have one just like it, brand new, shiny, and lime green. i vacuumed the kitchen, then swiffered it. i moved ALL the furniture in the living room… all of it. all the chairs, the couch, the table, the coffee tables, the TV stand, the dog crate, the shelves, everything. i vacuumed the whole room twice, and then i used the carpet cleaner that dave let us borrow since his dog did a number (1 and 2 repeatedly) on our carpet. there were random stains from when i’ve spilled everything i’ve eaten, basically, and it looks BEAUTIFUL now! then i vacuumed again and put everything back. i got a hell of a workout. i vacuumed my room and my bathroom and cleaned the sinks and dusted everything in the whole apartment… even made a few new arrangements. hopefully it will stay this way until at least the first time adam sees it. i don’t want him to come up here and see a dump.

i’m in the middle of uploading disney pictures. i still haven’t gotten around to the scandinavia ones. they’re on facebook but it’ll take a significantly longer time to put them on my server than it took to put them on facebook. i will do it… one of these days. ugh. i’ve been pretty busy working on a website for a client so i’ve neglected this one. that and i’ve been romping all over the world lately… i was supposed to be in ohio this weekend but using my better judgement, i decided not to. i don’t want to owe anyone money because i already owe laura $30 and i have to pay rent. and apparently i owe the government money. i now realize why everyone hates taxes. never have i had to give any money… i just always received a refund and i was like, “FREE MONEY! WOO!” those days are over, i guess.

i dropped my cell phone in the lake when i was there a couple weeks ago, and then it fell in the toilet the other night. after it fell in the toilet, i let it dry for a few hours like i always do. it has been in water many times. i had all the parts lying on the kitchen table drying and i guess loki thought the battery looked like a cracker or something delicious because she chewed it all up… and that was the end of that. i went to AT&T/cingular the next morning and the woman tried to convince me that if ANY electronic item gets wet, it will NOT work. god forbid, if it worked it would be a miracle and that just can not happen. i told her i’d dropped it in water, submersed, SAT AT THE BOTTOM OF A POOL, many times, and it worked like a charm afterwards. she pretty much told me that i’m full of shit and i told her to give me the name of a place where i could just buy a freaking battery instead of forking over $200 for a phone or $9.99 a month for a new line and a “discount” phone. she gave me an attitude so i went to batteries plus or whatever that store is called. when i got out of my car, there was a large, drunk/drugged, man hanging out of his car door and i almost got PEED ON so i ducked and ran into the store. i didn’t realize what was going on until i looked down and saw IT and i didn’t want to see IT because i’m 20 and don’t want to see a 70 year old IT. let alone get peed on by it. after all that, the store didn’t have my battery. they directed me to another cingular store where this very nice man asked what i needed and GAVE IT TO ME. i felt like giving him a hug because he didn’t pee on me nor did he give me an attitude and he told me that the woman at the other cingular place was stupid so that just made my day. lucky for me, that stupid woman gave me her business card so my mom wants to write a complaint letter. i can’t wait. bitch.

pasta salad and tuna… and loki. and i just found out classes start tuesday instead of monday. and i got to play in the rain today. today is a good day.