my lovely roommate has the hookup on disney vacations. apparently… apparently, my friends have been plotting a trip down there since i’ve been gone. this trip starts on the 23rd in florida and then we’re supposed to leave florida on the 27th, come back to boone, and then on the 29th go to ohio for nerdfest with a bunch of other kids until that sunday. the florida trip is supposedly going to cost $50 if 4 of us go… possibly less if more people go. we’re currently recruiting more people because it would be SO much fun. but i don’t know how we’re going to convince more people to go to florida on a whim. we’re some of the only spontaneous people left in boone, it seems. either way, if florida fails, i’m going to ohio. i’ve been looking forward to that for some time now.

derrick scored us some “new” internet here at the apartment. i’m super excited because i don’t have to go through remote desktop and stupid java applets to access my server anymore. it’s pretty awesome and i feel like a nerd for getting this big a kick out of it, but it’s much more convenient when stuff actually Works Right!

this also means… pictures from scandinavia will be up sooner than later. this will be much easier. i just wish someone at my dad’s would turn my computer back on because i can’t freaking get to my stuff at the moment. oh well. i need to go to sleep anyway… i’m actually going to work tomorrow. it’s been a nice month long vacation! i also have a meeting tomorrow night about website work. why do i commit myself to these things when i knooow i am not going to want to do it in the long run? it’ll be nice when i need money, i suppose.