back to reality

my stuff is all unpacked, my bed is re-made, loki is settled in, and everything is back to “normal”. being home now is bittersweet. i can’t really explain it. i’m so confused as to how i got so attached to the friends i made over there. it’s almost like i’m closer to them than some of my friends at home… which is strange because i wasn’t with any kids over there for more than 4 days. sometimes i think talking to them all is going to make it worse, but if they got to all visit one day, it’ll be worth it. right? right. back to work this week, and then home for father’s day & a doctor’s appointment… possibly charlotte for a day, and then back to work and then classes start soon. my 21st birthday is on a thursday so i’m thankful i only have 1 class on friday’s for my summer session. it’s going to be a crappy class, that’s for sure. my friends will make sure that i have a hangover the next day. i think that’s a rule or something.

i miss adam, and my 12 travel buddies, and my euro friends. i keep having dreams where i’m back there. maybe i’ll have another one tonight.

waitin’ on another phone call, adam. i can’t wait. i finally received the letter you sent over a month ago, and it STILL made me smile.