tomorrow is going to be a good day

i can feel it. let’s just hope i don’t jinx myself.

today was an okay day, too, actually. my tues/thurs class is only on thurs now so i get to sleep in every tuesday. :biggrin: so exciting. i woke up this morning to the sound of people scraping ice off their cars. we got some snow last night… well, if you can even call it that. loki liked it though. she ate a lot of it. so anyway, slept in… went to class. both classes are fairly interesting because i have friends in them so that’s always nice. hung out at work for a while, the usual. and 2 people told me that i looked cute today, which made me smile.

i cooked burgers for dinner and had a salad. i didn’t eat anything today except for those brownie bite things that you can get out of the vending machine. i was starving by the time i got home. and then i felt guilty because frank kept asking me to go to the gym (i don’t like going to public gyms because i don’t like being around all the people in there, makes me nervous) so i ended up pissing myself off and tried to go to the little one here at the apartment complex. i ran down there with my ipod and sweats and everything. got there… there was 1 guy running on the treadmill. i chickened out and left. so i ran home and then did 50 pushups, 50 situps, squats, and leg lift thingys that made my gluteus maximus nice and sore. so… when i get out of bed tomorrow morning, i better be feeling it. i’m going to try to make this a nightly thing. we’ll see how long that lasts. i’m so bad about it. i am good about doing pushups and situps but i need to start running or something and doing everything in routine. and i need to quit eating munchy food after 7-8 pm. bad. bad bad bad.

either way, i’m glad i did all that. makes me feel better. spent about 20 minutes after that prancing around in front of the mirror in undies trying to see if i looked any different. dumb, i know. but i’m weird and was hoping for a miracle.

i went up to the neighbors’ and watched saw III. that movie is all kinds of screwed up. good god, i didn’t think it could get worse than saw II but they definitely did it. i will be having some awful dreams tonight.

i’m gonna go write adam another letter and then it’s bedtime for loki and i. :heart: g’night.