intense weekend

LAN party friday night followed by 6 hours of drinking, game night last night, and finally a semi-quiet day today. i got a ton of pictures from last night and things got a bit crazy for a while. security guard even came.. so i guess that means it was successful. i went a little nuts afterwards because i’ve become even more of a neat freak since i’ve been living here and i couldn’t stop cleaning once i started.

jill slept here and our friend ruffles the crazy asian slept on the couch. jill woke me up bright and early at 10am… i’d gone to bed around 4:30 so i was not especially happy with this. she got a little more sleep than the rest of us last night. heh. and loki confiscated most of the tobacco products left lying around the apartment floor.

it was a fun night, and anything but boring. thank you, derrick, for your lovely whiskey sours. i’d never had those until friday night and i have to say, i’m hooked.

relaaaxation timeee.

adam, your packages are coming. i promise. i sent another letter. i miss you so much.