too early

i am so not awake. i went to sleep at 2:30 or so this morning. the neighbors and i stayed up watching suicide club. kevin and gerry made it out to be some godawful, disturbing, mindf*ck of a movie that would haunt me in my sleep and i’d never be the same again. it was a messed up movie, yes, but it wasn’t nearly what i thought it would be. i expected it to be more gutwrenching and would make me turn my head in disgust a lot more. maybe it’s because we had to read the translation and it took away from the effect? who knows. i was a little let down. still a freaky movie.

it’s finally the weekend. i should be getting back in bed and sleeping the day away but between the cats and loki running laps chasing eachother and the fact that i’ve already been up, outside, froze my ass off, eaten “breakfast”, i can’t seem to get back in bed.

i think brandon and gerry and i are going boarding/skiing tonight. i’m not sure which one i want to do. there is a $400 credit card authorization or whatever it’s called if you want to rent a snowboard. i don’t know how all that works, so i might just say screw it and ski. i want to get my own board but i’m not good enough to spend money on a board yet if i’m just going to suck at it.

in the meantime, i don’t know what the hell is going on today. i want to go to hebron so bad, or go hiking somewhere. just something to get out, take pictures, run around in the woods, clear my head, act like a kid, and not give a shit about anything.

adam called wednesday… :biggrin: we got to talk for about 20 minutes or so and then the phone cut out. i’m not sure if it’s because of the crappy phones or if his phone card ran out or what. it kind of sucks getting cut out in the middle and then you know you’re not gonna talk again for 1-2 weeks and you don’t get to say i love you or anything. kind of unsettling. the FRG sent us a CNN clip and our guys were in it. i went over it probably 90 times frame by frame just trying to get a glimpse of him in there, but no such luck. i saw familiar faces and i saw cannon looking like a dork as usual. no adam. :frown: maybe next time. it was nice to see the guys though because now i know they’re fine and i shouldn’t be worrying yet. still training so far, so… save the worrying for later, i suppose. i miss you, babe. :heart:

i went to wal-mart yesterday and bought loki a giant chew thing. it’s like a cow knuckle or something. it’s bigger than her head, and i’m so glad i bought it because now that she has that to gnaw on all day, she doesn’t drive me crazy and beg for food nearly as much. kinda nice. :)

time to go be a bum. i love the weekend!!