tim mcgraw was a bad idea

i should have known that playing slow country songs at this hour of the night would put me in a crummy mood.

adam is online and we’ve been talking for the past half-hour or so. he’s sick and feels like shit and i hate not being able to fix that. being in iraq is bad enough but he sounds so miserable. nothing makes me want to cry more than hearing “i wanna come home” from him at 2 in the morning knowing that he’s hating life right now–sore throat, achy, the whole nine yards… :sad: at least he’s keeping his sense of humor by grossing me out and describing in great detail how boogers keep flying out of his nose… :yell:

i’ve told myself over and over again that i’d never watch that “army wives” show on lifetime. it looks like it would just irritate the shit out of me. granted, i’m not an army wife. i am, however, an army girlfriend who has been through a hell of a lot in the past almost 2 years and we’ll see what happens down the road. i’m certainly not hanging on for nothing. anyway, that show came on when i was in the gym tonight and i about cried because i’m pretty sure i turned it on during the worst part. guys were getting deployed and tears were flowing and it reminded me of last july and this past january when he got sent out. stupid damn war. i support adam in all he does but i do NOT agree with our troops being over there. i’m never watching that crap again.

at least it gave me motivation. i ran 5 miles tonight! my most so far. i was pretty damn proud of myself. people have already started saying that i look thinner. all i have to say about that is HELL YEAH.

we had our first LAN committee tonight and went over a LOT in 2 hours. it was not the same without rob, phil, JB, or robert. it was kind of sad, actually. if none of them come to the first LAN i think i will lose my mind. our first gaming club meeting is thursday and i just finished sending out a reminder e-mail. if you’re in the area, you should be there. :biggrin:

i need to go to sleep. this staying up until sunrise thing is not a good habit to be getting into again.