i miss scandinavia

i miss the bars and clubs and calzones and streckers and tivoli gardens and the saga hotel with the best breakfast ever and our bike riding adventure without bikes and carlsberg in denmark.

i miss the hostel and the restaurant across the street from it and klein’s and the medusa bar and the stores with little tunnels all through them and the little bakery and the “soft kok” bar and liseberg and the “bomb shelter” and the absolutely badass friends i made and SO much stuff in sweden.

i miss the creepy train station and the cumulus hotel and the tram rides and the ginormous personal pizzas and the pub across the street and the crazy russian kids and awesome clubs in finland.

i miss the big city of oslo and the street filled with millions of bikers and the trolls and the light sky at 3am and the kiwi/coop and the bar around the corner and flE5m and the waterfalls and the fjords and the most incredible hotel i’ve ever stayed in and the ice capped mountains and the crazy karaoke kids at the itty bittiest bar ever in norway. and i almost miss paying $17 for a shot of whiskey that night… almost.

good lord, i miss that trip. i miss every damn thing about it and i miss everyone that went with me. i don’t understand how all 13 of us are in this itty bitty town but i’ve only seen 4 of the people i went with since being back. i think we need a reunion… in europe.