zero motivation

i don’t know why but i’ve not felt the urge to write a damn thing lately. for a while, i was on a roll, and i had to keep myself from posting 62 times a day about every random thing i ran across on the net. not so much the case, lately.

classes started last tuesday and they’ve been going really well. i got great professors who enjoy their jobs and i’m pretty sure it will work in my favor. at least, that’s what i’m hoping. my statistics professor is a really young guy from UMass and i wonder how he feels about teaching at the school that royally whooped their ass last football season. haha… i’m sure he’s caught a lot of crap for that already.

that’s one thing i’m looking forward to–FOOTBALL SEASON! my goal this season is to go to more games than i went to last year. if we make it to the championship again, my ass better be in chattanooga when that day comes. i didn’t go the last 2 times and i almost regret it because that would be a hell of a time. jill’s been bugging me about it and i’m pretty sure she’s going to kick my ass if i don’t go this time. i definitely plan on going to all the home games, so long as the stupid new ticketing system doesn’t keep me from getting in.

between classes and work and meetings and club crap and the gym this week, i’m not sure how much down time i’m going to have. my day today is going from 9am until 8:15pm and i’m not happy about that. 4 classes with work inbetween them all and a meeting at 6, and then hopefully i’ll make it to the gym after my biology class. meanwhile, i’m worrying about adam today. being able to talk to him a lot online is really freaking awesome but at the same time, now i know what he’s doing all the time so my brain goes into panic mode a bit more than it should. i’m so glad i didn’t sign up for any tuesday/thursday classes. the only thing i have to worry about is my lab on thursday at 3. i think i did myself a favor this semester loading up on mondays and wednesdays and giving my brain a break the rest of the week.

i’m going to the post office and lunch with jill and to get my books, then to class, then probably back here to work, then more exciting class, a meeting, and then, yup, you guessed it, ANOTHER CLASS. my enthusiasm is going through the roof.