This Year So Far In Review?

not only have i slacked on caylin posts, since i haven’t posted a caylin post since her last birthday, i’ve slacked on everything else.

i never wrote about shmoocon, or disney. never ever going on a holiday weekend again! need to write a post just for the last disney trip.

brett and i went to nashville in february for a getaway. unfortunately, i was sick the entire time. but, i powered through. i need to write a post for this, too. we went on a trolley tour all over, which was great. lots of good food and, of course, whiskey. we didn’t get to do the ropes course like i planned because SICK, but next time. so many bars and so many singers/bands. i can’t wait to go back.

brett and i went to LA again for the layerone security conference. so many friends and so little sleep. should probably write a post for this, too.

we went to carolina rebellion. i bought 3 day passes this year, which meant i went to see lynyrd skynyrd by myself the first night–brett wasn’t able to leave work early enough. the next 2 days were amazing, however. exhausting and amazing. got to hang out with james for most of it!

i attended a web application penetration testing course in april, and another round of red hat certification training in june. and passed! woohoo.

had my first jury duty. i sat there for half an hour and it was dismissed.

got a speeding ticket. right outside our neighborhood. right after they dropped the speed limit from 55 to 45.

brett and caylin and i took a day trip to pawley’s island in june to buy brett’s new truck. his old one had been giving him issues non stop. while he was at the dealership, caylin and i played at the beach.

went to mooresville and winston for father’s day weekend. stayed at my dad’s house and had a nice visit. then hung out in mooresville to see brett’s family.

brett’s hunt club has had work days on some weekends, so a few random saturdays he went out there for the day to help out. build fences, clean up, put out feed, etc. and every time… poison oak. no thank you.

brett and i went to see luke combs play twice with our neighbors–once in february at myrtle beach, and once on july 4th weekend here at isle of palms. saw chris stapleton here on daniel island in may.

mom and i went to see seinfeld and blue man group at the performing arts center. there are no words to describe how much i love seinfeld. and blue man group was incredible, as expected. brett and i saw them in vegas a few years ago. so much fun.

oh, i turned 30 this year. that happened. had a ton of friends over for the 4th weekend. thomas, melina, phil, brandon, and his brother thor all stayed at our house. we didn’t blow up any cakes this year, but brett went all out with the fireworks and bought the GOOD ones. it was insane. evidently i bit a few people. a lot of neighbors came. a lot of former coworkers and friends we hadn’t seen in a while. i love 4th of july weekend–not because of my birthday, but because it’s one of the few times i get to see most of these people.

brett and i got back from vegas and DEF CON last weekend. it was epic, as usual. hung out at the pool a lot more this year with brett and phil and lindsay. sat in on a couple talks in the villages, and wandered through contest areas. but it was a very different con. this year was more about friends and vacation than the actual conference itself, and i’m ok with that. we went to the michael jackson cirque show, and saw the rat pack. lots of great dinners and parties.

this weekend we’re going out with ashley and jason on their boat for her birthday, and then out that night, so that should be fun.

this week was my last week on one of my projects/teams at work, which was bittersweet. don’t want to leave the team, but it had been 2 years and there are new projects rolling in that should be exciting.

soon, it will be caylin’s birthday. mom is planning a picnic birthday lunch at her house before the birthday since she will be in new york for her actual birthday. and the weekend after caylin’s birthday, we’re having her actual party. i need to start researching how to make a peppa pig cake! wish me luck.

one of these days, i will get around to writing the other posts. so many things i want to remember. this year started out a little rocky but, i have to say it keeps getting better. i am lucky to have so many amazing people in my life.