the LAN is over

everything we’ve worked for is over and done with. it’s kind of a relief but at the same time, i don’t want to have to wait until the fall for another one! it was a blast. there are a ton of pictures… they’ll be up sooner or later. i swear to god, if anymore people ask me for them, i’m going to break someone’s face. we partied friday night, LAN-d all day saturday, and then my apartment was apparently the place to be on saturday night. i don’t think i’ve ever had that many people there before…but it was a successful party and everyone finally left at 5:30 in the morning after hours of moonshine, guitar hero, cranium, and drunken twister. god.

i got to talk to adam for a good 2 hours on friday aaand that was incredible! it started out a little shaky but i believe we’re good now :wink: i love you, babe. hang in there and i can’t WAIT to see you when you come home in JULY!!!!!!! i’m so happy that you get at least a little bit of a break. you deserve it. :heart: