every time i start thinking about corey, the song “it’s a great day to be alive” by travis tritt comes on. every time i’m in the car thinking about her, it’ll come on the radio. or someone will play it at work. and 3 of those times it’s come on while i was in the exact same place on hwy 105 and it was right as the sun was starting to set and i would be thinking, “wow, that’s really beautiful” and would start thinking about corey, and it’d be played on the radio. i’m not really a religious person, but damn that kind of thing makes you get goosebumps and realize how lucky you are.

adam, i miss you. still. always. been thinking about you 24/7… and about july. and i believe the next 2 and a half months are quite possibly going to be the best ever. scandinavia, turning 21, and YOU COMING HOME! i am ecstatic.

happy birthday, jill!