so excited that i'm going to pee myself

adam called yesterday… :biggrin: but the phone got cut off. i still got to talk to him, though, and i know he’s okay. i miss you, shithead.

i sent his package and his guitar and everything is hunky dory. i really don’t like the guys at the post office. it’s always a hassle to get a strait answer from them without some kind of gross inuendo and smartass remark.

i also got my taxes done. i probably shouldn’t have done it immediately after waking up in the morning but i think i did it correctly.

and i just got an e-mail from dr. schneberger about our scandinavia plans… and we have our hotel reservations. i looked at all the hotel websites and these places are incredible! he had been saying we were going to be roughing it with the hostels and such but the hostel (from the pictures) looks like the equivalent of a 2 or 3 star hotel in america and the hotels we’re staying at look like super duper fancy hotels in america. when he said cheap, my mind automatically thought we would be staying in a cheap days inn or something along those lines. NOTHING like this. there are saunas and bars and clubs and all kinds of crap. less than a month… i can’t wait.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!! i love you!