hell week has started and i’m going to be running around jacked up on red bull/bawls for the next week and a half. i have my presentation at 5, gaming club @ 6 if i can get out of my class in time, then i have to work on a group project in the library at 8 and at some point find time to study for my 3250 exam tomorrow… and then tomorrow i’ve got my exam and a finance project due, and another exam on wednesday, and a finance exam on thursday with our other take home quizzes due, and i think my website project is due thursday but i’m entirely sure. my 3050 presentation will either be on friday or the following monday but our professor hasn’t really told us any sort of plan yet, and my 3250 project is due the 24th but i’d really like to get it done beforehand since it’d be nice to get everything done at once instead of dragging it out through next week.

the LAN is this weekend but i have a feeling it’ll be anything but relaxing. i’m looking forward to merlefest, oh so bad. i can’t wait to see nitty gritty dirt band… adam, i’ll be thinking of ya through the whole set. :heart: and call me, shithead. it’s been 9 days. oh, and you will definitely recognize your package because it’s covered in neon pink and silver duct tape. just a warning.