good god, everyone's growing up

why is everyone i know getting married/engaged/having kids? i can count right now off the top of my head 20 people at the very least who have gotten engaged recently, gotten married, are planning a wedding, or who are having/just had kids. and most of those people are between 18 and 23. it just seems so bizarre because all of a sudden it’s happening at once. weird… scary… i don’t want to grow up. man, this is strange.

easter break was very relaxing. i spent my time pretty much split between my mom’s and dad’s. i went to raleigh with my mom on saturday to spend easter weekend with my grandparents which was nice. got to see my uncle and my cousin and we all went out for a nice lunch… relaxed all evening. well, sort of relaxed. i spent 6 hours fixing their computer. i went to my dad’s on sunday for my other easter. my grandpa was there and we all just laid around and ate and watched TV and relaxed. i went on a run and then cleaned my car. i mean CLEANED. dad helped me wash the outside and then i vacuumed/scrubbed/armor-alled the inside and windexed everything. it felt good to get it over with, but it took a hell of a long time. i went to the Y monday morning and then got some stuff done at the bank with my dad and went home and ate lunch at my mom’s and for some reason decided to clean her entire kitchen and make her bed which made her day. i went and got some clothes for scandinavia at the mall and then she and i had dinner and watched TV the rest of the night and then i cleaned again today and washed the dogs and headed home.

i got a lot done this weekend but none of it was school-related which it should’ve been. so i finished my scandinavia presentation tonight and that leaves me with my toyota presentation to finish tomorrow night, and my CIS deliverable, and studying for my 2 exams next week and THEN my other CIS project and sometime or another i’m having a finance exam but no one knows when it will be and THEN i have a website due for that other stupid class but i really have no idea when that’s due and i don’t think anyone does. i… am swamped. oh and then the huge LAN for gaming club and merlefest so hopefully i’ll get some happy-fun time in the midst of all this chaos.

so much shit to do. i’m going to be drinking red bull like it’s water.