i’m so excited, man. this week has been awesome and keeps getting better and better. monday night i got to hang out in king at scott’s basement with all my buddies, last night i got to hang out with alex who is finally home from being at school in rhode island and so all of us drank at matt’s place (pictures will be up soon), and tonight i FINALLY get to hang out with brian and brad after nearly a year of not even seeing them. brian is my ex from 9th grade and we always stayed close after that but things have kind of dropped off over the past year and i really miss these guys. tonight is going to be so, SO nice. :smile: tomorrow i think i’m gonna get to hang out with dan, but plans with him always seem to fall apart. we’ll see what happens. partying for sarah’s birthday hopefully with her and becky on friday, it’s been a while since i’ve seen these girls! i’m supposed to go see house of wax with dale on friday, should be a good time. :biggrin: i hope this movie doesn’t suck. ha! i mean, it does have paris hilton in it.

back to work… i’ve actually been really busy today.