Hungover... Way over.

wow, last night was a blast. i wish i’d gotten more pictures but the only time i managed to make it to my camera in time for a kodak moment was when adam was beating up his girlfriend (in the playful way, no domestic violence in this apartment). it was me, brian, kat, brad, zack, adam, and brandi. i’d never met adam or brandi before but they’re awesome. we played rummy for a while and during the game i just kept getting up to get more beers, not realizing what i was doing. by the end of the night, i’d had 7. it made for a horrible thursday morning, but i had so much fun. it was awesome getting to talk to brian again, i miss that kid. so we sat on the porch and had drunken conversation for a while in the cold, and it was great.

i went to work for only an hour today. obviously, last night is the reason for that. i don’t plan on doing that anymore and i know it can’t keep happening. mom, thank you for not lecturing. i’m a college kid and this crap is supposed to happen and then i’m supposed to learn from it. so i did… don’t get trashed when you have to drive home at 6:30 AM. it does not go over well… at all. especially at work. gah.

i was supposed to go out with dan today but we decided to just go to dinner tomorrow instead. it will work out much better with way more options when i actually have a paycheck. first things first–put half in savings. yay for saving… i can do this.

i’m gonna go make dinner. maybe i’ll get into something tonight, but i doubt it.