Random Bitching

before i crash, i feel like saying something. there’s one thing that’s really been pissing me off lately and it’s about to drive me insane. if you’re a “friend” of mine and you’d like to stay on good terms with me, then don’t IM/call/txt/e-mail me asking for help with some dumb probably self-explanatory computer problem after months of going without talking to me and expect me to be on the ball about helping you save your precious little piece of shit that you’ve slowly destroyed because you watch too much porn. if the only reason you talk to me is for tech. support then call an 800 number or GO to a tech. support place where people are being paid to do it. they’ll care more, because i don’t. :biggrin:

geez, aren’t i peachy at 2 in the morning. at least waffle house was fun, and it was good hanging out with yoder again. i’m going to sleep.