Keeping Busy

yesterday was a long day and i didn’t really do anything productive. after eating lunch at my dad’s i drove back home and cleaned up my room and put up dishes, all the chores and crap i am oh so thrilled to come back to after being away in college for so long. i drove around for a while looking to bump into someone i knew but no such luck.

i eventually went out to eat with my mom and robert at tripps and then left for king. the remainder of the night was spent watching everyone play ninja gaiden, going on chocolate runs to the pantry, sitting in scott’s backyard in drew’s truck, and goofing off in the basement. i do miss the basement, even with its damned flies. scott, we gotta fix that buddy. there were actually a lot of us over there, so it was a good time. maybe it’ll turn into another 3-month LAN like last and the summer before last summer. i love living like this with nothing to worry about.

i slept through my alarm this morning but luckily i got to work early again. i think i’m cursed and i will always get there early no matter how late i leave. i went to work without packing a lunch. i’ve not figured out why i pack lunches because i wind up eating them at like 10 AM when i still have 7 hours left to go in the day. wake’s food hours are all effed up because of summer so there’s never anywhere on campus to eat. jill saved my butt this morning with a blueberry muffin and it was SO DAMN GOOD! i hate blueberries, too, so that’s how hungry i was. my mom agreed to split lunch with me so jill and i went to get tavern nachos from the village tavern down the street around 1 (by that time, the muffin had definitely worn off). i saw a few people i knew in the process, but i don’t think they remembered me. oh well. such is life.

now i’m back home trying to decide whether to go to davie county or king. hrm. decisions, decisions.