Congratulations Justin and Jessica Kennedy!!!

the wedding yesterday was gorgeous and we could not have had more perfect weather. the guys all looked great and jessica looked so, SO beautiful. she’s awesome and i’m really happy for the both of them. there was lots of food and most of what i ate i didn’t know what it was, but that’s okay. i got to hang out with byrd’s girlfriend a little bit and i had been wanting to because she’s the only girlfriend in the group that i hadn’t really met. i ate with her yesterday and byrd, she’s awesome. keep her around. most everyone went from our group of friends, although we were missing some. buttheads. pictures are about to be put up. i still have to get the rest of them from thomas, and hopefully byrd and matt got some good ones, too. the only downside to yesterday was when matt threw a whole bag of birdseed at me and it went throughout my entire dress, and then my shoes were about to kill me because they’re the gigantic 5″ heeled ones that hurt like hell. ugh. i’m the dumbass who forgot to bring emergency flip flops.

me and matt and thomas went back to thomas’s after the wedding and jumped on the trambopoline and all of us nearly died, including thomas’s dad. mark cooked spaghetti and reuben sandwiches and boy, that stuff was good. we had ourselves some bud light and when austin got there later on the 4 of us played a few games of poker and it was a great night. :smile: i love my friends.

i woke up around 10 this morning and sat on thomas’s computer hoping him and matt would eventually wake up but matt ended up playing video games by himself and thomas continued sleeping, so i left. i gotta go eat lunch at my dad’s later on anyway because my grandpa came into town, and hopefully i’ll be going to dinner with bobby later, but we’ll see.

shower time.