such a long day

i got back to my room about 30 minutes ago… today seemed like eternity! i woke up at 11 and of course i couldn’t fall back asleep so i just sat around and was lazy for a while. i got some homework done and i got my sociology studying done which was nice. i had a disgusting ham & cheese hot pocket for lunch because the wheel of death was out of pepperoni and i didn’t feel like walking to welborne. it also bit my hand. :crazy:

my theatre professor requires us to go to 2 plays this semester… one of those was tonight. it’s called “the last night of ballyhoo” and it wasn’t bad at all actually. i went to cascades before the play because i had a wicked craving for chocolate, so i got a ton of halloween candy and boy it’s so good. i got to the theatre at 7:30 ish and it started at 8 and there were quite a few people i knew there, which was awesome. but i definitely got stuck sitting next to an old guy. bah. :satisfied: anyway, the play was about a jewish family around christmas time 1939. i love the music they played! it always reminds me of when i was little for some reason. i had fun. a lot of people didn’t like it, but i enjoyed it and it made 2 hours pass by fairly quickly.

daniel picked up me and brian when it was over and took him to his dorm and we went back to the highlands. we hung out there for a while… i really like hanging out with this kid. after he took me to get my car we went to the playground near horn in the west parking because i wanted to swing on the swingset… so we did, while listening to hootie & the blowfish. then a cop rolled up and told us that we suck at life while he sat there sucking on a blow pop. cop- i don’t like you. anyway, we didn’t get in trouble. go figure, the first time i’ve ever been approached by a cop in my life is for swinging on a swingset after dark. LOSER! :angry:

now i’m back in bowie and i just got a mad rush of energy for some reason, but i need to get at least some sleep tonight! thank you, daniel, for this evening.