death to motorcycles

i finally got done with the massive list of crap i had to do today and i called daniel to see if we were gonna go get japanese and he definitely got in a bike wreck. good lord, boy. he’s fine… just a little banged up. :crazy:

anyway, today was longer than yesterday and yesterday i barely did anything. i woke up at 8:30 and i almost missed my 9:00 class which means i would’ve missed a test which would be horrible. i hauled ass to sociology and ended up getting there early anyway. i’m a dipshit, i know. classes went by fast, i grabbed some food at cascades before work, and stayed at work until 3:30 or so. i had a peer career meeting at 4 and i ended up leaving at 4:30 just to go and sit back at work… ugh. and then went to my disney presentation at 5:30. it was actually pretty fun, even though it was an hour and a half long. i didn’t know it’d be like that. since i had plans for afterwards i had to schedule an interview for tuesday morning which means i’m waking up in… ohh, 5 and a half hours to take a 20 minute interview and then come back here to bowie to study for psychology for i’m guessing the rest of the afternoon. barf.

i need to go to bed… i need to stay awake through the interview. that’d be nice. :smile: goodnight.