talk about insane

this weekend isn’t over and it’s been nuts. friday night becky and sarah came to visit me from asheville and wilmington and we had SO much fun. we were supposed to go to some field hockey party but i figured we’d probably have more fun with some of my other friends so we went to striebich’s house. there were probably 10 or 11 of us there. i didn’t really count. so yeah, we had pizza, wine, good music, and a ton of my really close friends. awesome night. we got home pretty late and becky, sarah, & i crammed ourselves on my as-of-late single sized bed. :wassat: great fun.

the next morning we woke up to find out sarah’s car had been towed so she and becky got a ride from the tow truck man to get her car, parked it on king street, walked BACK to my dorm, and then we made our hike back across campus. :angry: i had dragged 2 backpacks, an overnight bag, my laundry bag, sarah’s other purse, and my purse on the elevator and across the parking lot and i thought i was going to bust my ass because i could barely walk. they found me and we went back to find sarah’s car and then finally got to get my car and drove home. that hike woke us all up. it was too early for that.

i made the drive home to get grainger and then we made our way to lake norman for the rest of the day. my aunt, dad, stepmom, and grandparents were there and my dad deep fried fish and shrimp and fries for us and boy it was so good! i love that stuff. :biggrin: my grandma made chocolate cake and i was in heaven.

grainger and i took the boat out on the lake. we captured a houseboat and a yacht and raced another pontoon man… sort of. we found a deserted island bird sanctuary and got marooned on it for about an hour, found cool stuff and skulls and a whole lot of bugs… and then left. there are movies of our exploration if you care to view our stupidity and boredom at their best. :crazy:

anyway, we drove back late afternoon and i took grainger home and swung by my house to say hey to my mom and pick up a few things. i went to byrd’s to see if anyone was home and it was just him so we sat and talked and had milkshakes for like 2 hours. it was great. i miss talking to him like that but it was so nice to catch up on things. he’s the freakin’ man.

i didn’t leave until.. ohhh, 10:45ish. i hit a possum on the way back to boone and right before i hit him he looked at me with these horrible puppy dog eyes and i wanted to cry. i felt so bad. you can’t see small animals on the road in thick mountain fog! wtf mate. i am going to start keeping a running count of everything i’ve hit. ugh.

time to shower and study for my test tomorrow. fun stuff!