Stupid Weather

okay, everyone in freaking boone was wearing flip flops, a tshirt, and either jeans or shorts yesterday. today it’s supposed to snow and it’s rainy and gross and freezing. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. :angry: why does ASU have to be on top a damn mountain? why must this weather be so weird?

i’m packing for the weekend and my closet is a mess. 99% of the time i stay at daniel’s on the weekends so i am always packing or unpacking. my backpack has been put through hell, and so have my books.

tomorrow daniel and i have to go to mooresville also to see my uncles who are visiting from maine at the lake and i have to write a paper this weekend along with finishing my philosophy and english homework. lab today was another waste of an hour or 2 because our teacher decides to never show up. we ran out of film tuesday so i left since i couldn’t do a damn thing without it and today we had none and couldn’t get to it because she locked it away and didn’t show up. yep. i got nothing done. i even had my design ready to transfer to film and maybe even print today, but no. no no. it will never happen.

i want to go to the tanning bed, but i can’t get to my car at the moment. it’s so relaxing and it is a confidence booster when you’re not the color of white-out. so, back to the car thing.. i always get messed up trying to navigate the appalcart routes and most of the time it takes way, way too long. i’d be better off walking, but with this weather… HA!!! yeah right. i did that last week in the pouring rain. never again.

one more thing- mom and dad, please, PLEASE do not send me anymore candy for an extremely long time. daniel gave me a heck of a lot for valentine’s, mom just sent me a huge thing, i had some left over from georgia, and dad & christine sent me a box a while back that has barely been dented so far. there is no college requirement for gaining the freshman 15. i’ve lost weight this year. DON’T PUSH ME. :biggrin:

okay, i’m gonna go now. i’ll try to take some pictures tomorrow at the lake.