Fun With Babies

well, yesterday was certainly a learning experience. aside from my 4 (?) year old stepniece, i’d never even held a baby, much less taken care of one. or two. daniel and i had to call off some other plans yesterday and come to the rescue of his aunt and uncle because their entire family had been sick with the flu and we had to take care of their twin 1-year old babies while their mom went to work. it was interesting, to say the least. i had a lot of fun, and learned a few things, i think. one of those things is that babies cry. a lot. :biggrin:

dipshit ran out of gas today up at work at the ski lodge so i had to rescue him with a 2 gallon gas tank and i’m guessing he took me out to lunch because i saved his butt from being stuck on top of a mountain, or because he realized he owed me a trip to dos amigos from valentine’s day. him and sterka are in charlotte for the weekend golfing and being the retards that they are and tonight i’m going out with ry~ry to dinner and hopefully getting into some fun with the buddies later on. if anything, i don’t want to be here in my dorm room.

which is why i’m leaving now, and i finally remembered to get the webcam out of the trunk of my car, by the way. :cool: ciao.