i’ve come to the conclusion that living in the dorms is not as fun as it was earlier in the year. everyone used to hang out and no one ever slept. now, everyone’s either gone or all crammed in a room smoking or it’s all the girls sitting and watching a movie. it’s not as eventful like when we’d get 30 of us and all go to a party together and then drive to howard’s knob. that was like every other night. no one does it anymore. hrm.

homework bites. i’ve been spoiled because basically i’ve had none since i’ve been in college. highschool was 500x harder than what i’m doing now. this… this is definitely not what i was told it would be like. i’m not complaining by any means.

gotta finish up a paper, and then some reading. hopefully tomorrow will go by fast. i hate wednesdays. :biggrin: