Steak == Dancing

we were trying to figure out what to do tonight since it’s the weekend and all. we tend to be homebodies most of the time.

if brett and i go out, usually, it’s either a movie, food, beer, a combination of those things, or we go out dancing. i don’t know what it is, but when he and i go out dancing, it’s exhilarating. my hips never stop moving, he keeps up with me and simultaneously completes a year’s worth of squats, and there’s this awesome connection that leaves me feeling high as a kite afterward. and then we walk home drenched in sweat, legs feeling like jello, and all is right with the world.

lately, we have not gone out dancing. before he moved to charleston, we were spending a lot of weekends in boone together. and after one of the bars got shut down, there was nowhere to dance. i think we went out dancing twice in charleston over the summer, but going downtown on a weekend (especially during the summer) is an absolute nightmare. anyway, there has been like… no dancing. we didn’t get to go dancing in vegas, either, because he got some god-awful stomach bug. that will get fixed on the next trip.

anyway, we have since replaced dancing with steak. and also coors light. and MORE recently, we started going to the gym together. so when i asked brett what he wanted to do tonight, and he said he had no idea, i proposed that we go to the gym, go buy a case of beer, cook up some steaks, and watch movies all night.

i am so excited.