Like I Said... Smooth Sailing

this week has been infinitely better than last week. although, that might have something to do with it being a 4-day week. and the 4-for-$16 ribeye deal we got at food lion. mmm… steak.

yesterday, we decided to get back into the gym routine. it had only been a week since i ran last. brett hadn’t been to the gym in ages. a full last semester of college with christmas break, bahamas, vegas, and moving into a new apartment will do that to your schedule. such a hard life.

i did my half hour run and brett alternated lifting and running. i got done before he did so i left, picked up the mail, and started wandering back to the apartment. until i heard a faint voice moaning behind me. he had given up for the night. gym-1, us-0. i would give myself a 1 for completing my run but i nearly had an asthma attack afterwards. i always manage to forget that skipping a week feels 10 times worse than just sucking it up and going every day.

we got home and i did laundry and made myself some dinner while he showered. and then i showered. and while i showered, i pictured what the water bill will soon look like. normally, i shower in the morning and that’s it, whether i go to the gym after work or not. i know, that’s gross to not shower after going to the gym. but i don’t sleep in my gym clothes, at least, and i wash the sheets every week. and until a couple weeks ago, it was just me sleeping in my bed. the hell with it.

but now that he’s in the apartment, going to sleep without having said shower feels infinitely more disgusting. so i’m picturing my water bill being like… quadrupled (i’m also accounting for the 3 extra loads of laundry, doubled toilet flushes, doubled dishes) and then i remind myself that soon he’ll be paying his share of the rent and it will all even out in the end.

i went to the main office at my complex and asked about the 2-bedroom apartments since my lease is up in may. to my surprise, they’re only $47 more a month than my 1-bedroom, AND we’ll have a second bathroom. AND another closet. ANOTHER CLOSET. sweet jesus, we need it desperately. every day, i can see the shelf in my closet bending even more. the little piece of plastic holding it together is seriously struggling.

the only thing putting a damper on this week is my teeth. which is nothing new, but this time, it is not my fault–it’s the dentist’s fault. 3 of my fillings hurt like hell, and because they’re SO nice, they mailed me my bill, too. $370. $370!!! $200 of that must be for the throbbing sensation. and the endless chills down my spine from my nerves feeling like they’re being bludgeoned to death with an ice pick. ALL. DAMN. DAY. seriously… my goosebumps never go away anymore!

i can’t drink anything cold without a straw. jack on the rocks? some men find that sexy in a woman. jack on the rocks with a straw? you don’t even want to witness what brett had to the other night. i can’t eat anything cold. i can’t even walk outside with my mouth slightly open for fear of the wind blowing and hitting the surface of my front tooth because THAT SHIT HURTS. that, my friends, is 100% not an exaggeration.

i called the dentist today, and they said to come in tomorrow at noon and they will “see” what they can do. they said something about using fluoride but i don’t see what that has to do for a permanent fix. whenever they put fluoride on my teeth, my mouth just tastes like oranges for an hour. she mentioned that it’s a good thing i’m only sensitive to cold because if i were sensitive to heat, that means the tooth is dying and i need a root canal. it wasn’t until after i got off the phone, however, that i remembered how badly (i.e. worse than the burn itself) my front tooth ached when i ate lava hot macaroni casserole last night. so… i might be getting another root canal as well.

this is going to be SO FUN! and afterwards… afterwards i get to go to the red cross and give blood. but something tells me that will be far less painful (and much more beneficial) than what i will be feeling tomorrow at lunch time.