Brightening Things Up A Bit ;)

i finally broke down and put up a new layout. i hated staring at the other one and it’s been a while since i’ve actually made one myself. just laziness, i guess. i spend so much time working on websites for clients and by the time i get around to taking care of my site, i lose all motivation.

it’s cute. and it’s better than looking at a plain white screen. it looks best in firefox/safari/chrome because of the rounded corners, so if you’re in IE… you will just have to live. ;)

i took a break writing it and we went to dinner. brett and i went to the kickin’ chicken (if you don’t have one in your area, it’s better than it sounds) to watch the game and have a couple beers. and wings. lots and lots of wings. it was a pretty good deal, too. we got 24 wings with 4 flavors for $15. what put us over the top was the dessert (my bad) and the bottled coors light. after realizing they were $3.50, which is so not worth it, we switched to yuengling on draft.

i love getting desserts but i don’t know what i was thinking. since the dentist hasn’t fixed my teeth yet, every bite i took hurt like hell. i even had to drink my beer through a straw. on top of that, the vikings lost. i really wanted to see them in the super bowl.

i tried to get my fillings fixed last week but when i got to the dentist and got settled into the chair, the power went out. and we waited. and waited. and waited. it never came back on, so he put “fluoride” on my teeth. this fluoride was nothing like any fluoride treatment i’ve ever had and i couldn’t get it off my teeth (or any other surface i accidentally got it on) to save my life. it was a mess, and it didn’t help the sensitivity whatsoever.

so i’m going back tomorrow. since mondays don’t suck badly enough, i have to go to the dentist, too. i can’t wait!