Playing Roulette. With My Face.

i don’t even know how many times i’ve been to the dentist since november. i think i’m on visit 7 or 8 by now. you’d think, by now, that my teeth would be fixed. i went in for fillings. my cavities weren’t bothering me–i just needed to get them fixed so they wouldn’t get worse and bother me later.

recap of the last 2-ish months: i got them filled, and now they bother me.

today was my next dentist appointment since all i got thursday was the fluoride. today they were supposed to actually fix my teeth. after today, my teeth should not be hurting.

i got there early–the receptionist apologized for the power outage last week and thanked me for being patient. i decided that i will accept her apology only if they don’t insist that i pay the bill for the fillings that were complete and total failures. which is like, $150. not happening.

he got the novocaine needle (or whatever it is they use to numb mouths these days) and numbed my bottom teeth. then he numbed the top. while the needle was still in, i sneezed. which i’ve come close to doing before. it’s just so hard not to when that needle makes your eyes well up and your nose tingle. i tried so hard to hold it back but i sneezed.

today was the second time in my life that i’ve been accidentally jabbed with a novocaine needle. i wish i knew why crap like this always happens to me.

he fixed one filling (whoop dee do!) and started on another one–the one that has really been bothering me. he called it “number 9”. i called it, “my front freaking tooth that hits every substance that enters my mouth–it is painful, and i’d like it fixed, please.” i told him it is extremely sensitive. for god sake, i can’t even file my nails because the vibrations from the filing can be felt in my teeth and i am instantly covered in goosebumps.

so what did he do first? he took the air pick thing and aimed it right at my front tooth. COLD AIR. ON NUMBER 9. my eyes watered, one of my legs flew up in the air, and you better believe i made that man jump.

after that, he turned the lamp off, put my seat back in the upright position, and told me that he was sending me to a different dentist in west ashley (an endodontist) because he doesn’t know what’s wrong with it, and, get this–because he doesn’t want to screw it up.

DOESN’T WANT TO SCREW IT UP? dude, you already screwed it up!

so tomorrow, instead of going to jalapeno chicken day for lunch, i’ll be going to the dentist. again. i’m sure you all understand my enthusiasm.